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Baby 3-24 Months

First Steps and Counting

Baby’s world is packed with daily discoveries and new learning. With that in mind, we are committed in creating collections that are filled with fun twists, delightful stories and bold colors. Each shape is designed to let baby take his first steps in a world larger than life!

Chubby Ships
Mini Matey
Fast and Cute
Freestyle Champ
Mini Hero— That
Woods Adventure
Look Pyjama Noël bébé garçon 1
Look Pyjama Noël bébé garçon 2
Baby boy snowsuit look 1
Baby boy snowsuit look 2
Baby boy snowsuit look 3
Baby boy snowsuit look 4

Fall - Winter Collections

Fall - Winter Collection Funny Minerals

My friends, Blue, Green, Ocher, ... are all so funny and they are my best pals in the land of Mineral Soil.


Fall - Winter Collection Mini Hero Of The Woods

Seeking adventure in the forest is the mini, super, awesome, crafty and funny Hero of the Woods—that's me!


Fall - Winter Collection Street Champion

I am fast and adorable, and I can flip 180 degrees! Yeah!


Fall - Winter Collection Shipyard

So much fun! Meet me at the nautical yard, at the chubby ship dock, for a free tour among friends!



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