Refer a Friend

Share your love for Souris Mini with a friend and you both receive a reward!


a rebate of

* Applicable on your next online purchase
of $100 or more.

How to enjoy this?

Accédez à votre compte

Access your account

Log into your Souris Mini account online, then click on Referred friends in the menu left of your dashboard.


Send the referral by email

Go to the Referral Form section, click on Refer a Friend, and complete the form. Your friend must be a new Souris Mini customer for the referral to be valid.

 En boutique et en ligne

Receive your rewards

As soon as your referred friend has created an account on our online store, he will be able to use the $10 rebate. Once a first online purchase has been made by this friend, your $10 reward will automatically be added to your account!**

Any questions?

The "Refer a Friend" program applies only to friends who are not current customers.

It is necessary that the email address used for your friend’s registration be identical to the one used for your referral. You can check with your friend prior to their registration.

Your friend can only receive one invitation.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send. Every time a friend you referred will make a first purchase, you will receive a $10 reward, which will accumulate in your account. However, you can only apply a maximum of one $10 reward per order.

Your $10 rewards will accumulate in your account, but you will be able to apply a maximum rebate of $10, per $100 or more order.

When finalizing your order, the rebate will automatically appear in your cart if the conditions are met.

Log into your account online at, then click on "Refer a Friend" in the menu left of your dashboard. You may consult your list of friends as well as the status of your referral.

The $10 rebate is only valid for our online store.

Your purchase may be exchanged in-store and online. Please refer to our exchange conditions. A full refund of your order will bring the cancellation of your $10 rebate.

** Your $10 reward will be automatically added to your account as soon as your referred friend’s order is invoiced. The delay can vary from one referred friend to the next, depending on the time required to process the order.

*** General conditions

The single use $10 rebate is non transferable, has no cash value and can only be used by the account holder. By using the rebate, you agree to the conditions for rebate to be applicable. Each $10 rebate can be applied to a $100 order or more before taxes. Only one $10 rebate applicable per $100 order. No limit date for use. A full refund of your order will bring the cancellation of your $10 rebate. Souris Mini reserves the right to cancel the program or modify its terms at any time, upon reasonable prior notice. Souris Mini reserves the right to cancel any rebate in your account under suspicion of misuse.