In 1989, after teaching art to children, Annie Bellavance, a passionate fashion designer, decided to launch her first children’s clothing line. Her collections, rich in colors, fabrics and story-telling details, are an overnight hit.

Souris Mini chic and trendy collections were first introduced in daycare centers before being sold in different children’s clothing stores in Quebec City. Parents and children quickly fell in love with the brand’s gorgeous apparel and made Souris Mini their go-to place. It wasn’t long before the unique apparel made its mark by winning several prizes, which set the brand apart from the competition. Annie Bellavance’s powerful imagination and natural wonder for children give her a boundless source of inspiration. Each season, she designs bold, creative and playful children’s clothing collections.

In 2002, Souris Mini opened its first store in Quebec City, the company’s home base. As it turned out, the retailer’s success confirms the brand’s stature and more store openings were to follow.

In 2005, Souris Mini took on a new challenge and launched the school uniform division L’habit fait la mode. This revolutionary concept meets growing demand of parents and school staff who are asking for a discreet and elegant dress code in order to generate a sense of belonging for students.

In 2011, Souris Mini launched its online store in order to market a new shopping experience, which comes in handy for customers who want to splurge on trendy clothes 24/7.

In 2014, Souris Mini opened its first store in France (Lyon). The storefront masterfully creates a unique retail concept combining bold collections and a kid-friendly shopping experience.

In 2015, the Souris Mini concept-store in Cap-Rouge got a complete makeover. Featuring a Mini Austin, recycled products and a new store layout, the store sets the tone for the new Souris Mini lifestyle and offers a seamless shopping experience that puts children front and center.

In 2016, the distinctive company launched a new website to the brand’s fans delight who can discover, browse collections and indulge in their favorite pieces any time of the day. The high-resolution photos, which showcase the clothing’s intricate details such as colors and textures, are creating a more user-friendly and uplifting browsing experience. 

In 2022, Souris Mini gives life to its own online resale platform. This platform allows users to give a second life to Souris Mini clothes and thus contribute to the well-being of our planet.

To date, Souris Mini has 18 boutiques in Canada and an online store. And it's not over yet! The expansion continues and Souris Mini continues to grow, just like the children it has been dressing for over 30 years.